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They are the building blocks for reading comprehension which is very important for all subject areas.


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These pages are great for homework, practice pages, stations,. spelling, and vocabulary.

VocabularySpellingCity is a fun way to learn spelling and vocabulary words.

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Spelling and vocabulary instruction are two areas that I tinkered with for years, and I kept trying new strategies.

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The Teach Me section allows the child to click on the word to hear the pronunciation, spelling, and the word in a sentence.

In this game, children are given a list of four words, three are spelled correctly and one is not.Spelling Test option has the computer speak the word, use it in a sentence, and then the child enters the words on the list.Fifth grade spelling words and home spelling help. 5th grade spelling worksheets.Spelling and vocabulary are key concepts that are stressed in elementary school.

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Game Aquarium has links to websites where children can complete activities using their own words perhaps from a list provided by a teacher or activities to practice spelling and vocabulary in general.Third grade now has access to the Premium Activities with Spelling and Vocabulary City. Google Drive Homework 1.

This year I am going to give activities for the spelling homework. Spelling Activities (DOC 30. for the students to choose in spelling homework. NEED HELP.Building a Better Vocabulary. It is also frustrating to read a newspaper or homework assignment and run across words whose. can also help us determine the.At the end of each week, students will be given a spelling test and a vocabulary test over the definitions of the weekly words.

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Free third grade spelling word list. five different printable spelling activities per week to help. vocabulary: Week 2 Word List Week 2 Spelling.

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You have to avoid the animals on the safari otherwise you will lose the game.

Homework Packets: Spelling Grade 3. them with repeated opportunities to read and write essential vocabulary in a. will help target your differentiation of each.

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Your child can add their spelling list on the homepage and then you can choose to learn them through different options include Spelling Test, Teach Me, and Play a Game.Spelling: Spellingcity.com will have your weekly spelling lists to study and prepare for your Friday tests.

There are many online websites that can help children to practice both words provided by their teachers along with expanding their vocabulary on their own using online resources.Spelling Activities: Free Graffiti Wall Spelling Printable for use with any weekly spelling list.One way to get involved as a parent is to challenge your child to get 10 rounds correct in a row, to beat their best score, or provide another challenge that would be appropriate for their age and level.

It will help them to build vocabulary, reading comprehension, pronunciation, and correct spelling for papers.Homework Help - Language Arts. The site offers eight spelling and vocabulary games to complement the spelling list.