I was essay performance enhancing drugs sports sleeping at my house in the Dominican this winter when I heard a banging on my front door at 7:30 in the morning.Another affect is decreased immune system effectiveness (Steroid Pros and Cons, 2005).

We will write a custom essay sample on Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Be Banned or any similar topic specifically for you.Some of these include: Increased strength and effectiveness of training, increased leanness and muscle definition, and increase muscle mass and weight (Steroid Pros and Cons, 2005).If we continue to try and stop doping in sports then these diseases become less likely to occur in professional athletes.

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They are drugs or chemicals that improve the athletes functioning, mainly speed and strength.Other symptoms include breast reduction and a significant change in the menstrual cycle.

Performance-enhancing Drugs: Improve Your Game, Destroy Your Brain.Finally, I will discuss a personal take on the issue and what implications may arise from this in coaching situations.

After the 98 season McGuire hit 70 and Sosa 68, both breaking the previous record that was more then 30 years old.Some of the side effects in females are increased risk of osteoporosis, irreversible deepening of voice, and irreversible increase in body hair (Steroid Pros and Cons, 2005).Theseways can improve essay on civil disobedience enhancing drugs in sport, over competitors were marred by police.There are also egos involved as most think they are the best and want to world handed to them on a silver platter.

We believe that rather than drive doping underground, use of drugs should be permitted under medical supervision.Steroids in sports Over the last few years performance enhancing drugs has become a large.Most athletes are looked up to by millions of kids and adults as role models since they are the big star or the best in the game they play.Performance enhancing drugs should be eliminated from all sports because they create an unfair competitive advantage.Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports 1 Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports Angie Holmes Axia College University of Phoenix Effective Persuasive Writing COM 120.

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However, we believe they are unfounded, dangerous, and excessively costly.This occurred when sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive for anabolic steroids.

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The most popular types of PEDs used are Anabolic Steroids, Androstenedione(Andro) and Balco.Performance enhancers give you wonderful looking ads, lean legs, and tough muscles.According to a poll on Espn.com website 68% of people think that most sports are corrupted by PED and will not attend events live.New advances in medicine and technology bring about an abundance of performance-enhancing drugs.Who will have the final say as to what records stand what records are chanted, but maybe they can just put an asterisks next to some.

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These athletes would have to choose to dispose of their moral values, or suffer a severe disadvantage, possibly resulting in them leaving the sport all together.

Nowadays, it is very common to use drugs to relieve pain, enhance performance, alertness, and so on.Winning is what the fans want to see and they really do not care how it happens.

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If they go off the PED altogether then there weight will drop and muscles shrink tremendously.

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For example, Jimi Hendrix is know to have done acid on the stage.Trying so hard to look tough takes away a significant amount of dignity of being a man.

Although the drugs may help the athlete in their desired sport they can also have harmful side effects on the athletes. The drugs.Essay overview: My essay was about the dangers of teens using performance enhancing.With the advancement of science and technology, we are witnessing current innovations and inventions that greatly affect human lives.Even if PEDs were unanimously accepted, they would still be viewed as cheating to a magnanimous athlete.These players that use PED are setting false examples to those kids.They will use there team trainer or personal trainer to attain these drugs.The fundamental principals of fair play and sporting ethics are violated.